The Roselawn 1891 Foundation

Founded in 1985

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Welcome to the Roselawn 1891 Foundation founded in 1985 as a 501c3 nonprofit under the auspices of the Roselawn Cemetery Board. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, our mission is to protect and preserve the cemetery’s historic and cultural legacies. Through education and community outreach we serve as stewards for all generations. Roselawn provides burial records dating from 1891, genealogy research, an opportunity to commemorate loved ones lives and eternal memories. Funds are raised through donations, memberships and grants. A major fundraiser is our book published in 2018, THE HEARTS & SOULS OF ROSELAWN, a compilation of many whose lives contributed not only to local history but to world history. Historical tours are provided upon request. Our active volunteer program encourages community participation and includes annual clean up days and care for the grounds.

Roselawn 1891 Foundation

Our Mission

To protect and preserve the historical and cultural legacies of the Hearts and Souls of Roselawn a nationally historic cemetery.

Our Purpose

To educate and outreach to the community – fundraising. The Foundation Board comes under the auspice of the Roselawn Cemetery Board of Directors.

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Roselawn 1891 Foundation

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